You waste just as much time on your Mac as you do on your phone

Get the productivity system that eliminates too many tabs and endless Slack chats, putting you back to work

Get Focused ⏰

“The best thing for my productivity since GTD” – James Klaff


Life has too many tabs. And even when you finally put your phone away, your Mac is now working against you with apps and sites that are highly targeted to steal your time. 😭


Meet Action

Total focus: apps appear when you need them and disappear when you don’t. Integrated with your to-do list, we’ve built custom workflows that are based on the popular Pomodoro technique. The result is better time management and more things done. 🎉


What’s included


Our Workflow Pack with 8+ custom built workflows


Video course lessons to help you get set up and customized


Bonus packs of workflow content to expand your mind


Suggestions on how to spend all that free time you have now

“Just set it up, first day was painfully aware how much time I was wasting” – John Rojas

Things nice people have said

  • “Brent’s courses are beyond incredibly helpful when starting out and will save a ton of time moving forward.” -Faye Knowles
  • “@adam.aptaker check out @brentsum’s courses. I don’t receive anything for pushing his stuff it’s just the best resource I’ve seen so far. ” – joemanier
  • “Dude, you are one of the best instructors I’ve ever learned from.” – Lane Watson
  • “@brentsum style of teaching is pretty awesome. Plus he seem to have covered lots of Bubble use-case scenarios.” – @multicorn

Your instructor

Meet Brent. With a knack for both growing hair on his neck and self-deprecating humor, he’s the one who developed the CLP method when he started a business that quickly outgrew his productive capacity.

Brent is the founder of the Code-Free Startup, where he teaches a community of over 10,000 students how to build startups without coding experience. His students have been accepted into prestigious accelerators like YCombinator and the Code-Free philosophy has been featured on places like TheNextWeb, VentureBeat, ProductHunt and Process Street.


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Specifically, you’ll receive lifetime access to a dashboard where you can:

– Download 10+ custom workflows
– Watch 2+ hours of video training on how to set up, master, and customize the system
– Get step-by-step guides on integrating the system with your to-do list and other work apps.

We offer support for getting the system set up and integrated with the apps and tools you use, no matter how different it is from the one we teach.

Alfred is a productivity app for Mac that lets you replace the standard Spotlight search bar with a much more powerful, customizable version. All of the custom workflows you’ll download here work only on-top of Alfred’s paid version ($25), so it’s a requirement to use the system.

It’s Mac only, unfortunately. A PC/Chromecast version would require a flexible app launcher that supports custom workflows like Alfred. If you know of one, let us know!